Welcome! I am so excited you’re here because I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health + self care. And you love to serve others in finding this too. Whether you’ve been part of the Thrive Holistic community for a while or we have just connected, please know you have not landed on this page by coincidence. There is a part of you being pulled to seek change whether that is more freedom in your finances, your time or perhaps to serve others in a bigger way.

That was my story a few years ago and it reminds me of a word the Mayans use, Inlakesh which beautifully translates into I am another you.

I believe in providing massive value to you whether you are interested in just using the oils to lead a more natural life or to build your dream biz I am so glad you’re here!

I believe women today want to have the calm confidence that comes with making informed decisions for themselves and their family. To be truly empowered one must not only have information but the key tools needed to rock a thriving, glowing life in alignment.

And most important to many is to feel part of a community, a sisterhood if you will, of people who are living the same lifestyle as you.

What I’m about to share with you is the opportunity to have just that. This page will give you a preview of the vibe we live on our team. I’m excited to introduce you to doTerra and how it is the key tool we use to live a glowing + natural life!


doTERRA is a wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world as their core product, and they have an amazing vision to help every home feel empowered to use natural approaches in their health + self care.

And while they have blessed us with these powerful essential oils, there’s a beautiful shift happening in the biz landscape today because of them.

What exactly is an essential oil??

All essential oils are NOT created equal. The quality really depends on the sourcing (where the crop is grown), distillation methods and testing.

I aligned with doTERRA, because they are committed to co-impact sourcing that creates relationships around the world that really make a difference to lives of our growers. Not only that, but it is super important to me there are no chemicals, weeds, fillers, pesticides and more in my products. doTERRA’s standards are far better than traditional organic. This is where the magic happens. Not sure? Just smell the difference. It’s obvious.

What makes these oils so special?

The way we live, the choices we make, the products we use, the food we eat, the company we keep etc it’s all an expression of our core beliefs. Do you share the same belief as me -that your body was designed to heal itself? I’ve seen it time and time again when given the right support it does. Beautifully. And I love how these oils have helped move me…

from Liberated

to Empowered


When you enroll with myself or a wellness advocate on the Thrive Holistic team you are not only supported by that person, but you are supported on a larger level through our team in an incredible way!

Upon starting your journey we have an incredible system of support + value waiting for you:


The Thrive eBook Library packed with EO recipes


Access to a monthly eBook from our Supernatural Life Library


The Thrive Transformational 28 Day Whole Foods Program


A 30 min, 1:1 welcome call + membership overview


Monthly Newsletter for our team with updates


I’d like to simplify everything for you in this way the doTERRA wholesale membership

works just like Costco. You open up your account and then you purchase your natural health products + the world’s most beautiful essential oils at your discount whenever you feel like shopping. The products arrive at your doorstep within a few days AND you can opt into ordering monthly to access the greatest rewards program ever!

This is the way about 3.5 million people in doTERRA purchase.

The majority of people begin by purchasing a starter kit but you could also open the account for $35us/$42cdn and add whichever items you’d like at the wholesale price.

{All of the starter kits doTERRA offers have the wholesale membership included}.

Also you should know that there is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly absolutely no strings attached. But if you are part of the 10% that want to build a doTERRA biz the option is there for you and we can chat more about that during our welcome call if it interests you.

Below you will find my top fave starter kits for you and show you all the goodies that come in them. With all the starter kits you become part of our high vibe community and have instant access to our popular eBook library + Facebook community.