This is where our team of Glow-Getters spread the word about the most amazing essential oils on the planet, have a blast, and get recognized abundantly for doing so.

We believe in access. Access to the tools you need to live a healthy, glowing life. And access to the right game plan for making your dream life < — > your real life. What I’m about to share with you is the perfect vehicle for merging all of that together. And that vehicle goes by the name doTERRA {meaning ‘gift of the earth’}

They are a wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world as their core product and they have an amazing vision to help every home feel empowered to use natural approaches in their health + self care.

And while they have blessed us with these powerful essential oils…there’s a beautiful shift happening in the biz landscape today because of them.

For people who care about improving their health and that of their loved ones, we provide simple, safe, and empowering solutions that enhance well-being.

Does this sound like you?

checked YOU have a heart for serving others

checked YOU honour your body and have great respect for the earth

checked YOU want to be part of a movement that’s educating + empowering others

checked YOU feel like you’re not giving your highest self to the world

checked YOU define success as happiness

checked YOU crave creative expression

checked YOU want to provide solutions for people

checked YOU are tired of exchanging your time for money

checked YOU want your business to weave into your life in an exciting way

checked YOU are ready to design a life you love + be a glowing example to others of what is possible

checked YOU want control of your schedule + time so you can create a life on your terms

checked YOU want to work with a product that has the highest retention rate in the natural solutions industry

checked YOU want to be surrounded + supported by a team of people who are already rockin’ it

It’s now a movement where mamas around the globe would feel more empowered to take care of their family’s health in a natural way. Where health coaches could help their clients go to that next level of wellness.

Where practitioners could have a product that their clients could use at home after being adjusted. I wanted to be a part of it all – I believe so much in doTERRA’s vision.

As our team was growing very quickly, I saw the importance of creating systems that would help simplify the process of getting started. And I think what it has especially done for women is an opportunity to move from feeling liberated to empowered.

Our team attracts spirited, caring, cup-filling individuals and I adore the culture + community we have!

Actually…I know that’s exactly how you’ve ended up reading this…you are likely just like us

Did you know that doTERRA has the highest percentage of engaged purchasers {retention} in all the land? 92% of people join doTERRA with no intention of earning an income – so there’s actually a very small percentage of those doing the business compared to those that purchase.

However – should you start to feel lead to want to do the biz – you’ll be in great hands!

We are one of the fastest growing teams in doTERRA worldwide and currently the ONLY Presidential Diamond team in Canada!

Many start using the oils, fall in love with them and can’t help but want to share them with others.

And just by doing that – they are building a dream biz serving others. We have experienced wicked awesome growth on our team and I attribute that to the quality of people we attract and the support gameplans in place to help you rock whatever you want to do.

When you first begin with us – we want to set you up for the greatest success by taking care of yourself using the oils and building your product knowledge + confidence in what sets doTERRA apart!

We have solid plan in place – to do just that – here’s a sneak peek:

The first thing we’ll connect you with is our weekly Online Business Bootcamp called LAUNCH YOUR BIZ!

Then we will mentor you through our signature team biz training called the BEGIN program. It’s a 90 day game plan for when you first start to grow your oil sharing biz. It’s epic!

And then there is Biz Mastery – which helps develop you as a leader once you’ve mastered the beginning ranks of your biz.

Who’s building a doTERRA Biz?

We have such a diverse group of holistic nutritionists, stay at home mamas, chiropractors, yogis, energy workers, massage therapists, full time corporates about to hand in their 2 weeks notice… we live in such an incredible time.

To be able to plug into a biz model like this and create a life where happiness flows with income
ps – if you just want to skip ahead and get started…

Many people are searching for ways to truly serve others in a meaningful way, with creative expression and products that really do work! Very simply, doTerra’s mission aligns with my own: They are committed to providing the purest essential oils on earth and honouring the body in it’s efforts to have vitality + healing.

Everyone has a tribe – whether you’re a stay at home mom or run a successful health coaching business. Knowing this – do you realize that we are all in “sales?” People will say yes to people they know, like and trust.

If you’re a health coach – you’re in this industry because you are so fulfilled in helping + serving others. And the ultimate honour in life is really to be in service to others using our gifts and talents. But you also know how saturated this industry is and with the boom of students attending holistic health school, it is going to be harder to have a successful coaching biz as the years go by. I think it’s very important for coaches to have a product you believe in and a passive income stream in your biz.

If you’re a stay at home mom or work full time in a separate industry – this is the PERFECT side business.
You can grow it as slowly as you wish and if you have a passion for helping others live healthier – doTERRA provides amazing, free education to us along with the system our team provides to help you feel confident!

The best part is you can CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE

The most important thing is to not quit!

Why doTERRA as a biz?


dōTERRA is a place where you can create freedom that most people only dream of. Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars with no end in sight, never having the freedom to pursue their true passions and purpose. Create a different story with dōTERRA®.

If you’re wondering why in only 8 years time – doTERRA has created the most waves in the NM industry, this is why:

  1. The product sells itself, it works and it’s consumable. {Because of this doTERRA has a 70% retention rate of users – whereas almost every other network marketing company has 10-15% retention}
  2. The compensation plan is built to support lifelong residual income – not a get rich quick setup.