The holiday frizzle frazzle is slowly coming to an end, well except for the massive Boxing Day mania. I tried to do some shopping and threw in the towel on that one.  I decided I’d rather spend my time in my slippers with a tea ordering online instead of being thrown around in the frenzy.

I’ve been a bit of homebody this holiday to spend some time on getting really clear on how I want to feel in 2016. I wrote some programs, set my calendar, renovated my home office, cleansed my home and cleared out of all of the junk, made some sweet DIY recipes with essential oils and made my home completely toxin-free, cooked a whole bunch, practiced yoga, and just really slowed down. Maybe my introverted side needed some nurturing, maybe I had an epiphany that being a first-time entrepreneur kicked my ass this year, or maybe I just needed to be alone with my thoughts to really understand EXACTLY where my energy is going. Either way, it was really cleansing and I feel super-charged and ready to jump into action for 2016. So yes I cancelled Christmas but for good reason….ME.

This is the first time in my life that I actually listened whole-heartedly to my body. It was craving something other than the endless social events, calories, and boozy celebrations.

If you spent your holiday…

  1. Being pulled in all directions to visit a bazillion people
  2. Sipping one too many boozy celebratory drinks
  3. Eating so much that you wished you were in elastic waistband pants

Maybe you might need some “me” time.  And trust me that is NOT selfish.

If you’re craving a fresh start, time to yourself, and a whole bunch of self-care, and want to dive into 2016 with a clear vision of who you want to be, then join me January 14th for the Thrive 14 Day Cleanse.

Of course this is a cleanse that will not only help you balance your hormones, sooth digestion, and help you lose that holiday spare tire, BUT you’ll get a chance to slow it down so you can actually BREATHE!

When give yourself the gift of self-care, your body rewards you immensely with a,

  1. Calm, clear focus so you can accomplish so much more of the stuff you love to do.
  2. Deep connection to yourself and your purpose
  3. That inner spark that’s just waiting to be LIT UP!

So if you’re ready to roll into 2016 feeling like that, then join me and a whole bunch of inspiring women doing exactly that!  Sign-up now for early bird pricing and I can’t wait to see you.


I hope the rest of your holiday is filled with health and happiness!

Natalie xx

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